The parameters set in this dialog box are applied to the default schema. If you save there bytes, will it also demolish the output of Select? You are not having implementation problem, you are supposing bug. When you check this option, you must copy the 4D key. Wednesday, December 22, 9: This mechanism is based on 4D passwords.

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It is also possible to make direct connections between a 4D client and 4D Server application. After that, works like a charm.

Win XP, Dual Core. If 4d v11 odbc do not create custom schemas, the default schema will include all the tables of the database.

The SQL engine is always available for internal queries. Strangely, if I restart the SQL server service the error goes away for a short time.

For more information, please refer to the description of this command. What type of machine are you talking about using.

64 Bit ODBC Driver?

After many failed attempts to create a reliable connection i. When you deselect this option, the “socketpolicy.

In reply to this post by randyengle. Happy new year and thank you very mutch for your time.

Perfect, that is what I was trying to verify. Here is the new code part I tried: The main advantage of direct connections is that data exchanges are accelerated. Michael Bond On 1 March Don’t have v11 so below is based on v12 As to the driver, I have the 4d v11 odbc v12 driver already installed but I got it from the installation directory and the installer is called 4D ODBC Driver.

When you select a 4d v11 odbc address, the server will only respond to queries sent to this address.


By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Saturday, December 26, 4d v11 odbc I miss writing incoming bytes in while cycle. If his idea is successful, he would like to be able to scale up to some large level.

But back to my enviroment and 4d v11 odbc. This option lets you designate a group of users as exclusively authorized to carry out the type of access concerned.

Remove From My Forums. Aha, I understand now. In reply to this post by Michael Bond My buffer array allways empty. From now on, the 4d v11 odbc is carried out using the Allow Flash Player requests option: Write outBytes, 0, int retval ; bw.

Falsh text data length between OdbcDatareader and 4D ODBC driver.

Monday, January 11, 9: 4d v11 odbc would like the user to upload and view their account’s content via the browser. Connect and get the data with excel. Friday, December 24, 1: Friday, October 03, 4: I am not sure why this company refuses to fix their shoddy programming.

Thankfully our longer term plan is to ditch 4D entirely and I for one cannot wait until the day we can switch it off!!