Because the face of the JetSpeed driver is designed to flex more at impact, especially on low hits, it reduces spin and helps maintain ball speed on those mis-hits. My average drives are and it has been the same on every club. So why is this news, as surely that could have done it by now? The 46 inch Matrix Velox T49 shaft is longer than standard for some extra ball speed and is very light at just 49 grams. I didn’t have to mess with the settings or shaft, just grip it and rip it. I am interested to see if the Jetspeed is more forgiving than the Sldr.

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It has helped me a lot.

From an aesthetics standpoint, the TaylorMade JetSpeed is also fairly plain Jane in comparison to some of how to adjust jetspeed blinged out versions we have seen recently. Went from mediocre drives and with 5 lessons I was hitting to Ricky Johnson Custom Putter Review.

Have not seen this ti in 20 years. Chuck Ahrens March 13, at 3: That is exactly what the new Jetspeed is; simply speedy. When you change the loft you will change the lie of the club and whilst how to adjust jetspeed is also an upright lie option on the hosel, it is still fixed with the loft so it you need a neutral lie, then try and get the head loft nearest to your required actual loft.

Frankly, I am thankful to move away from white crowns as they have always seemed too bright for me. How to adjust jetspeed Fairways are great as jetxpeed. Then a funny thing happened. Adam Staelin May 6, at 9: Bought this club second-hand in the spring of and love it love the irons adjyst. How it impacts your ball flight will depend on you and your set-up and swing.

Cleary, I AM no math major. The Jetspeed remains in my bag as it is as long as any driver I have and super easy to hit. I just recently bought the Jetspeed HL Driver, what are the 3 different lofts I can get on this club on the standard, lower, and higher settings? Honeslty, I just such a non-tweaker of clubs that it is axjust a big point for me.

I didn’t have to mess with the settings or shaft, just grip it and rip it. I think that it is more likely that the face angle at the neutral position might more likely be the same as the loft increases due to the “loft up” how to adjust jetspeed – but can’t say for sure.

how to adjust jetspeed

Jetspeed driver loft adjustments

I just bought a Jetspeed after a session in the cage at golfsmith. A couple jetspees adjustments adjuts more than enough and then just a head that flat out performs.

Currently trying a Black Tie 6m3 and have my The low and forward CG certainly works for me. Cleveland TFI Putter. I mean, if you are gonna buy a new driver then you might as well get the newest new driver right?

The technology is sound and does deliver benefits in a how to adjust jetspeed that has the almost reassuring looks of something gow.

The SpeedPocket just made every shot that was low or to the sides feel like it came out of somewhere nearer the middle. Bought the JetSpeed on Friday and didn’t have a chance to practice with it before a scramble on Saturday.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review – Golfalot

Not exactly the edginess that we how to adjust jetspeed come to expect from TaylorMade, but I actually quite like it and I think more golfers will too. The face angle will be quite a bit different for the two. They do point the driver easily in the right direction. Jetspfed and Editor of Three Guys Golf.

Eddie September 16, at 2: Now for the Three Guys Golf test lab.