Please, log in or register. Setting using a micrometer scale. Hand and assembly tools. Most suited for tightening multiple same-size fasteners at the same torque in a production line. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Marking Torque Wrenches No tightening negligence with marking check.

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Use for both clockwise and counterclockwise tightening. Most suited for tightening multiple same-size fasteners at the kanon torque torque in a production line. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

A single function wrench, used for a single setting combination of fastener size and torque trque. We deliver Certified delivery quality and customer satisfaction. To the Direct Purchase. The Kanon Torque Wrenches are used to tighten fasteners using specified torque values.

Easy kanon torque with a direct reading dial gauge.

Torque Screw Driver Nakamura Mfg (KANON) Torque Drivers [MonotaRO Singapore] N3LTDK-H~

Please, log in kanon torque register. Add to shopping cart Please choose size. Sensitive clutch release helps the operator kanon torque when the torque setting is reached. HOLEX, the second of our own brands, stands for good industrial quality and attractive prices.

No marking without click. Tightening to set torque only in the direction of the kanon torque indicator, but can be used for general tightening in the other direction as well. To click torque wrench and kanon torque bolt is painted. Gripping, cutting, and impact tools. The other side can be used to loosen the fasteners. It is suitable for repetitive troque.

Kanon Torque Wrench

It allows easy replacement of sockets which allows working with fasteners tkrque different sizes. Useful for general tightening work. When the set torque is reached the screwdriver triggers and signals clearly audibly kanon torque perceptibly. Minimum capital commitment thanks to the kanon torque delivery capability. The ratchet improves efficiency.

Torque screwdriver with scale. Item list Please choose size.

Replaceable socket, ratchet wrenches. Most suited for tightening multiple same-size fasteners at the same torque on a production line. There is hardly any play in the worm screw adjuster in the kanon torque head, which will improve your kanon torque efficiency.

Torque screwdriver with scale

Only registered users can write reviews. The ratchet drive enables quickly tightening fasteners to the preset torque. Power tools and workshop supplies. The ring Head of RSPK wrenches is offset at a 45degress angle making certain joints particularly accessible. When things have to happen kanon torque Just add an article directly to the cart.

Pre-Set, Ring Torque Wrenches Can be used for kanon torque torque application even on joints inaccessible with other kanon torque. It is then again immediately ready for use. Hand and assembly tools.