Only for models with a wireless network device. An Initial Status Backup is only performed once immediately after the computer is purchased. In addition, the object may fall and cause injury, or damage the computer. Appendix Replacement Parts and Accessories Connecting and Disconnecting the AC adapter The socket-outlet should be installed near the equipment and should be easily accessible. Refer to the system label to verify the presence of wireless devices. Do not install the computer on a slant or a place prone to vibrations, or avoid using the computer in that location for a long time.

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This equipment is designed to be connected to the telephone network or promises wiring using a compatible modular jack which is Part 68 compliant.

Such areas include patient care areas of medical and dental facilities, oxygen rich environments, or industrial areas. If water or a foreign substance enters the power jack, adapter or computer, immediately separate the power cord and battery and call the service center.

Intel Centrino Wireless-N Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

Getting Started The internet connection has slowed down or error messages appear continuously while using the Internet. The battery usage time may be shortened if you recharge the battery before samsung intel centrino wireless-n 130 is completely discharged. The following section is a general overview of considerations while operating a wireless device.

Install Samsung Control Center. To avoid electrical shock, always unplug all power cables, remove the battery and modem cables from the wall outlets before cleaning the system. For some models the password is only canceled if the key is pressed in the Setup Notice window. Adobe InDesign CS3 5. Chargeable USB An application interface developed to samsung intel centrino wireless-n 130 Windows application programs to access hardware devices at a very high speed.

For more information on power cord set requirements, contact your authorized dealer, reseller, or service provider.

Then you can use the battery life cycle extension mode. The internal heat of the computer samsung intel centrino wireless-n 130 emitted through these holes. Such marking is indicative that this equipment meets or exceeds the following technical standards: Dragging refers to moving an item to another place after selecting it.

Intel Centrino Wireless-N 130 Drivers Download

Contact the appropriate inspection authority or an electrician, as appropriate. If not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, it may cause harmful interference. Installation Related Chapter 1. The Ringer Equivalence Number REN assigned to each terminal device provides an indication of the maximum number of samsung intel centrino wireless-n 130 allowed to be connected to a telephone interface.

Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N , Single Band Product Specifications

Press the key combination to launch the Samsung Control Center. The surface temperature of the base will rise during normal operation particularly when AC Power is present.

To stop the operation, press the button. Take care not to drop the product while using it. Any repairs or alterations made by the user to this equipment, or samsung intel centrino wireless-n 130 centrnio, may give the telecommunications company wwireless-n to request the user to disconnect the equipment.

Client This refers to a computer that uses a shared network resource provided by a server.

If you select a symptom, a recommended restoration option will blink. Inserting and Ejecting a CD Press the Eject button of the optical disk drive at the side xamsung the computer. Complete Backup If you perform the Complete Backup function onto a DVD or removable storage device, you can restore your computer even when a problem occurs with the hard disk or when the restoration area is removed. samsung intel centrino wireless-n 130

Please contact manufacturer for service. Appendix Regulatory Compliance Statements Wireless devices are not user serviceable. When the option selection item appears, select an option and click Next.

It is recommended to connect the AC adapter to the system or to use the system in general mode. Settings and Upgrade Battery Please refer to the following instructions when running the computer on battery power without connecting the AC power.

When the touchpad pointer does not move smoothly: