As always, glad to hear this simple post was able to help another person! Solution was to uninstall scansnap manager and re-install using win 7 compatibility mode. Purchased a new ix and have same problem. I decided to uninstall and reinstall again. Been using an ix with Windows 10 for almost ten months no issue, love it. Rory – February 7, Reply.

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Martin – April 27, Reply. We use scansnap s1300i wia frequently. Roger Whitaker – July 25, Reply. Close the lid of your ScanSnap so that it is not active. We are in the process of going paperless, and our ScanSnap has helped to make that as wja as possible…. They should rename it ScanCrap ix and refund the money as I have a very expensive black box with a light scansnqp the scansnap s1300i wia that does nothing else.


Mo – March 26, Reply. Worked the first time I lifted the lid of the scanner.

How to make the ScanSnap s1300 scanner work on Windows 10

This was not the case. However it will then stop working and fail to connect to the ScanSnap Manager.

Byron – August 7, Reply. After a week, the Scan Manager would not run. The issue I encountered has been resolved.

Any solution for this yet? I ran into this once before. I have its predecessor, the Kodak ScanMate i now considered obsolete — it performs very well. My fall back is to install one of them on a Windows 7 machine here, but that is inconvenient for the way we use them and, besides it galls me.

Mo Chi – January 31, Reply. But turning off the firewall is not a great solution to a scanning problem. I suppose there must be a lock file somewhere?? The scansnap s1300i wia occurs when the ScanSnap Manager is not running.

At least I scansnap s1300i wia Manager working and can tell it where I want something filed. What can I do now to get this essential device working again? I have a scansnap s Dave Scansnap s1300i wia – August 17, Reply.


Alexis – April 19, Reply. Scansnap working but will not recognize e-mail programs.

Any experience on Fujitsu ScanSnap Si

John on September 6, at 8: The blue light comes on but switched off in about 10 secs. Push the button on my scanner to scan, then get that dreaded invalid window. Glenn scansnap s1300i wia September 24, Reply. Then I did an install from original disk, then the update.

Any experience on Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

My wife never even uses it. I like the s13300i and wish I could somehow get it to install. It has also removed the icon from bottom.