Both have hyper-threading technology, which adds a virtual core to each real one, as well as a turbo mode , which can overclock the individual cores as required. The Thinkpad Ts , which has the same processor paired with the weaker Intel GMA HD graphics card, belongs to the top scorers with over 9, points, thanks to its faster hard drive specifically its SSD. The docking station also recharges the battery, giving you up to 3 and a half hours mobile freedom whenever you leave your desk. Steering the cursor using the trackpoint stick takes a little getting used to and can require some adjustment of the driver settings. The workstations by these same manufacturers the W , w, M are considerably above the Tecra S11 in terms of performance.

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In this area the Toshiba S11 scored a wholly respectable 6, points, beating the 5, points of the aforementioned Thinkpad Toshiba tecra s11 by trcra clear margin.

As already mentioned, Toshiba has decided to do without a separate number block for this toshiba tecra s11. However, the trackpoint’s surface is very small, which makes it less comfortable to use, in our opinion.

Keyboard Now we come to one of the first ways in which the Toshiba Tecra S11 is significantly different from its colleague the A11 – the keyboard. toshiba tecra s11

Tecra SZ – Toshiba

The Tecra S11 survived for minutes almost three hours without mains power, which is a perfectly respectable result. But unlike its more mainstream relative, the NVS M uses special drivers to optimise stability, toshhiba this means s111 its toshiba tecra s11 performance is not as good toshiba tecra s11 the GM’s.

This means you toshiba tecra s11 be well equipped to handle both single-core and multicore applications. Now we come to one of the first ways in which the Toshiba Tecra S11 is significantly different from its colleague the A11 – the keyboard. When you deviate by 20 or 30 degrees in either direction from the ideal, dead-on viewing position, the picture is more or less unaffected.

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Please note that we take the product overview from the manufacturers site and it is only a guideline. Nivo cannot be held responsible if you order an incorrect product based on the overview only. Using HDTune, we observed that its transfer rates lie in the usual region.

We have to report that they did not fare well in our music test. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

A desktop replacement also needs to be tough, so the Tecra S11 has been tested to withstand drops up to 70cm on all 4 sides, as well as accidental spillage on the keyboard Docking Convenience With a single docking station for all your desktop accessories like mouse, printer, and monitor the Tecra S11 is ready to disconnect toshiba tecra s11 head into meetings at a moment is notice. The same is also true of the notebook’s performance, thanks to the combination of an Intel Core i5 toshiba tecra s11 and Nvidia Quadro Tosihba M graphics card.

The PCMark Vantage test by Futuremark offers a chance to evaluate the overall system performance and compare it to other notebooks. System noise Overall the the Tecra S11 stays pleasantly quiet during everyday office use. As for all other aspects of the case, we refer you to our review of the Toshiba Tecra A11which applies just as well here, as the cases are identical.

The maximum was minutes over four hours in the Battery Eater Readers test minimum screen brightness, energy-saving profile enabled, WLAN disabled. However, we then spotted a fundamental difference between the A11 all-rounder and the S11 toshiba tecra s11 – the keyboard.

Toshiba homepage Toshibaa notebook section. For a toshiba tecra s11 realistic toshiba tecra s11 life test, we always yoshiba out a WLAN simulation ; a wide range of websites are browsed, some with Flash videos.

Toshiba tecra s11 test model of the Toshiba Tecra S11 was fitted with a 55 Wh lithium-ion battery, which helped it achieve some very decent battery run times. Also, Internet Explorer came with excessive add-ons which toshiba tecra s11 it particularly slow.

Toshiba Tecra S Thanks to the brightness of the LED screen and teecra matt surface, the notebook is well suited to long daily work sessions, even in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Touchpad and trackpoint Here we come to another additional feature of the Tecra S11 – it has a trackpoint stick in addition to the touchpad. The Tecra S11 is intended to be a workstation toshiba tecra s11, according to Toshiba.

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Plus with advanced Toshiba EasyGuard features and business-optimised ergonomics, you have complete professional performance. Toshibz feel when typing is almost exactly toshiba tecra s11 same as with the Toshiba tecra s11 A Please share our article, every link counts!

Toshiba calls it a ‘high brightness screen with LED backlighting’. But despite this, the hardware does permit some limited enjoyment of modern games.