Its a fun little camera for 9. Yawcam is a shortening for Yet Another WebCAM software, and that’s exactly what it is ;- More precise Yawcam is a webcam software for windows written in java. Read the Forums FAQ. A built-in flash is also available, to provide additional illumination, and the rear 1. Aaron Wed, 08 Oct Victor Mon, 21 Apr I have Windows 98, I thought it was compatible with this.

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Please check your local sales tax laws. This works with the attached program.

Anyone seen the Vivitar Mini Digital Camera?

Looks like it was a good thing that both the original, and the replacement I got last week from the Walgreens in Las Vegas both mysteriously, repeatedly, lost all their pictures. Did your message disappear?

It works like a charm! Morgan Tue, 05 May Several days ago, the USPS postman drove up with a boxed delivery. This is a nifty little camera. International orders are processed the next shipping day. I purchased this for my granddaughter for Christmas.

Vivitar Mini Digital Camera Free Driver Download

Danny Tue, 25 Dec The link vivitar dual mode digital camera post after 1 pm PST Feb 01 So I put it away for a week, figured what would it hurt to try it again before I get vivitar dual mode digital camera of the software, plugged it in and the digi cam and web cam features work!

I had no trouble installing the software cajera drivers on my computer running on XP.

Maybe you can help me. The mother board fried according to the computer techs where I take my computers. I don’t run any Windows software on my Mac so I didn’t even try installing the software on the included CD. I got it for vivitar dual mode digital camera wife to keep in her purse.

Randall Everett Thu, 20 Dec Melissa Mon, 24 Dec Had no problem downloading both driver and photoimpressions. I hope this helps Let me know if you have additional information.

I would really appreaciate it if there is anyone who can help. I would not recommend these camera. My disc is bunk as well. That installer installs all drivers correctly too! The pictures aren’t that great but at least I figured out how to vivitar dual mode digital camera the pictures I took with the camera. You might get an error Message that says: I vivitar dual mode digital camera the instructions are crap!

I did everything the directions said and then when I hooked the camera up to the computer it said “cannot conect to camera! I ran the driver in my Vista and it works great.


After removing disk hook up your USB cable then make sure you mini digital camera has pictures on it and make sure its off I also purchased one for 10 bucks. Vivihar have read enough of your responses to know better than to waste 10 dollars. Congrats to all that had success.

I wouldn’t rely on it for anything else.